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Continuity: When Joey parks his car in front of Kat's car outside the music shop, she is inline with his front wing, but when she reverses into it she hits the door.

The length of Patrick's cigarette while sitting on the field as he talks to Joey about the possibility of dating Kat.
Continuity: When Michael is almost hit by Kat's car, his goggles are up on his motorcycle helmet, but a moment later when he pulls up to Cameron, the goggles are on his face.

Continuity: In all other scenes with Ms. Perky typing, she wears her glasses but after Cat leaves her office after "quivering member," Ms. Perky removes her glasses to type.

Factual errors:
In the first office scene with Ms. Perky, the Apple symbol on the front of her laptop is not right side up to the viewer, where it should be upside down. The symbol is always right side up for the person looking at the top closed.

Continuity: Kat's hair goes from in front at one side to in front at both sides when the shot changes during her first conversation with Patrick.
Continuity: When the microphone is turned on for the song and the sound board is shown, a feedback sound effect is heard although the sound board shows quite clearly that the microphone is turned off at the sound board.
Revealing mistakes: When Kat backs into Joey's car, just before he pulls behind her you can see his car waiting in the reflection of the windows across the street.

Continuity: When Kat is getting in her car in the final scene, a car backs out of its parking spot and leaves, but in the overhead shot moments later, it is back in its parking spot.
Revealing mistakes: When Michael is nearly hit by the car and goes down the hill, you can clearly see the ramp where the driver is supposed to go.
Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Joey parks his car to block Kat's, he takes his keys out of the car with him, but his music continues to play and the car is idling.
Continuity: At the prom, when Mandella turns around to see Michael onstage, Kat and Patrick can be seen in the background dancing, but in the next shot of Mandella, we see Kat from behind, still standing directly behind her friend.

Continuity: In the cafeteria, Joey draws a obscene cartoon on Michael's cheek that has clearly changed when Michael subsequently talks to Cameron.

Continuity: When Kat finds the guitar in her car it is in the passenger's seat. In the next shot it's in the driver's seat.

Continuity: When Bogey Lowenstein goes to the door to open up for "Nigel with the brie", people burst into the door, but they come in from two sides. Next shot they only come in from the left, where the door is.