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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

I am 15, live in San Diego, California and just finished 9th grade.  Next year school starts at the end of August but we get 1 week off for Thanksgiving so it balances out.
6-25-04: One of my best friendsleft today for a family trip halfway across the world. London, Cyprus, Lebanon and then Cyprus again. I miss her and she just left! *tear*

I grew up in San Diego... Been to many schools since Nursery School. I still dont understand that. Oh well. I went to 2 private schools (one from nursery - 2nd grade) then another from 3rd and 4th). The second one had uniforms and I hated it. The otehr one didnt but it was a school from nursery - 12th grade. Uniform school: K-6.

In 7th grade I did field hockey. I still have my stick too.

In 8th grade I did track and field.

I have pictures from hockey but not digital. I will post if I can!




Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson taking a break at work.

What a job!

I dont work right now but I wish I was workin with the detectives (see left) at the precinct (the 1-6) in New York City. Well, I am gonna be a cop in NYC... Yay!


Here are some of my favorite movies:

Hmm... this is hard.. There are so many *gasp*..

1) The Prince & Me. ( I just watched it and LOVE it! Yay)

2)Bring it On (long story about why its so great.. if you want to know email/IM me. See "contact me" link)

3)Matrix (dude, its awesome)

4)Queen of the Damned (one word: vampires)

5)Italian Job (adventure with a twist)

6)Ghost Ship (not scary really but its fun to watch)

7) The Ring (dittto as above)

          (More to come!)


Favorite Books/Authors

1)The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Novels by Laurell K. Hamilton. (OMG!!)

2) Anything by Lurlene McDaniel. (Sad but hard hitting novels. *tear*)

3) The Boy Next Door by Meggin Cabot

4) Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot (same person)

5) Romeo and Juliet

6)The Accidental Virgin by Valerie Frankel (I got it for $.50 at my school rummage sale. One of my favorites!)

7)Long, Lean and Lethal by Heather Graham (ditto... rummage sale)

8) John Grisham (The Client, The Firm, The Partner, etc)


Favorite TV Shows (in no particular order 'cept SVU which is # 1!):

1) Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (aka SVU) (Mariska Hargitay ROCKS!)

2) Friends (not my second fav... This is in just the order I thought of stuff)

3) I'm getting to like Judging Amy

4) Charmed - I watched it quite a bit at my grandmas! :)

5) Law and Order (ditto as above)

6) Cold Case (Kathryn Morris aka Lily Rush is SO cool)

7) Alias - Im sad its not on anymore! *tear*

8) Angel - starting to grow on me.


(Thats about all the TV I watch now a days.)


More stuff to come here!